America’s Navy: Where tomorrow’s leaders are made Business & Legal

You’ve always had a mind for business, but your goals have always reached beyond the typical business setting. Perhaps you want to seek justice using your legal expertise on a world stage. Or you want to use your mathematical capabilities to help ensure a mobile clinic in a third world nation has the medications it needs. Or an aircraft 500 miles from land has enough fuel. Whatever your mission, you’re level-headed enough to know that your business, legal and management capabilities will never be undermined by circumstances in the world around you.

In the Business & Legal field of America's Navy, you could find yourself among the Enlisted Sailors and Officers who serve in the specialized areas of Finance & Accounting, Business Management, Attorneys & Legal Support, Human Resources, Office & Administration Support, Purchasing, Supply & Logistics, and Public Affairs. They’re dedicated, motivated, and committed to the mission of America’s Navy, knowing that the experience they acquire here will serve their nation today and their futures tomorrow.