Maintaining superiority in the Information Age Information & Technology

In a highly networked world, information is everywhere – easier to access and increasingly exploitable. Today’s technological advancements make information both a formidable weapon and a constant threat – to the point that it has evolved into a type of warfare all its own. With this in mind, America’s Navy has the Information Dominance Corps (IDC) – a community charged with mastering the capabilities, tools and techniques required to effectively collect, process, analyze and apply information.

Gathering data through sources ranging from advanced cyberspace operations to unmanned surveillance systems. Converting data into effective and actionable intelligence. Maintaining cutting-edge communications networks that effectively share and safeguard information. It’s all part of the mission for those who serve in the professional areas of information and technology in America’s Navy – for those warriors who do battle within the cyberspace domain and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Made up of both Enlisted Sailors and Officers, IDC members specialize in information-intensive fields that include Information Management, Information Technology, Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Cryptology, Intelligence, and Meteorology & Oceanography. Collaboratively, they develop and defend vital intelligence, networks and systems. Managing the critical information that supports U.S. Navy, Joint and national warfighting requirements. Maintaining the Navy’s essential technological edge.