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Discover Chaplain Job opportunities in ministry beyond the traditional pulpit.

There are now job openings for Chaplains in America’s Navy.

Industry: Military, Chaplaincy, Chaplain, Minister, Religion

Type of Service: Full-time (Active Duty)

Type of Position: Officer in the Navy Chaplain Corps (graduate degree required)

About this Job: Navy Chaplains are the religious leaders responsible for serving the diverse spiritual needs of military servicemembers – offering counsel, guidance, moral support and worship opportunities to Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and their families. Chaplain positions are open to over 200 religious backgrounds (including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and many others), and more than 100 different faith groups are currently represented.

In this role:

  • Provide religious ministry and support to those of your own faith
  • Facilitate the religious requirements of those from all faiths
  • Care for all servicemembers and their families, including those subscribing to no specific faith
  • Advise the command to ensure the free exercise of religion

Supporting and ensuring the free practice of religion requires that candidates be:

  • Willing to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment of the military
  • Tolerant of diverse religious traditions
  • Respectful of the rights of individuals to determine their own religious convictions

It is important to note that Navy Chaplains are officially considered noncombatants and not authorized to bear arms.

Key Opportunities: A Chaplain in the Navy serves a calling within a calling – to God and country – and has the opportunity to embrace challenges and experience fulfillment unique in the field of ministry:

  • Serve, work and live right alongside your congregation in a “Ministry of Presence”
  • Serve on bases stateside and overseas, on ships large and small, and in the field – almost anywhere in the world
  • Have a profound impact on the lives of men and women in need of support – regardless of faith group
  • Earn competitive pay and benefits (this includes tax-free allowances for housing and meals, comprehensive medical/dental coverage, retirement benefits, 30 days' vacation with pay earned every year and low-cost travel opportunities)
  • Receive paid training and access to Navy-funded continuing education

Qualifications and Requirements: Candidates must satisfy specific criteria to be eligible for employment consideration.

  • U.S. citizenship: Required
  • Education: Hold a BA or BS degree with not less than 120 semester hours from a qualified educational institution; and hold a post-baccalaureate graduate degree of not less than 72 semester hours in theological or related studies
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement: Required, from a religious faith organization registered with the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Gender: Male or female
  • Age: Must be able to complete 20 years of service before age 62
  • Medical exam: Required
  • Physical fitness test: Required

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